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My work is about memories and familiarity.

When I recall a memory, there are aspects of the mental image that are defined, while others remain vague. The use of landscape imagery comes from the memories that are triggered from a familiar location. Despite distortions, what is still recognizable is either color or fragmented detail. The visible horizon line and recognizable hint of a landscape palette are still apparent in some imagery and completely distorted in others. I create a narrative through reproductions of an image showing the landscape in detail without form and form without detail.

The paint moves and becomes a flowing marbleized image, the transitions lose information with each pass, and the layered images evoke a disconnect as they fade.  These techniques result in a fluid, yet solid imagery that alludes to unavoidable changes in a memory. Due to the precarious nature of memory, instead of trying to attain something that had faded, I let the work show the forgotten aspects. I include what is remembered and expose what is not.

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