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Teaching Philosophy

My teaching philosophy is one of experience and observation to the arts and art education. I stand firmly behind the belief that education is most successful when the student has a full understanding of what is expected of them, how to improve upon current skills and motivation to self-direct to new levels of success. Every student learns differently but adhering to a set of principles allows for individual mentoring success and curiosity to explore their own abilities.

I approach each class with passion for the subject which I believe makes a difference in the success and willingness of the students. I keep an open line of communication allowing the students a platform to speak for themselves as well as concrete standards for what to expect throughout the class. I begin with the knowledge that one way of teaching may not work for everyone and that adaptation is pertinent to the success of many.


I set high standards for my students but allow creative approaches and flexibility granted it doesn’t impede their education or others. I believe that no matter the level my students enter my class with, they can succeed by building upon their preexisting skills and their willingness to improve. My job is to offer a safe and conducive environment to nurture their individual successes and provide structure in which to thrive.

Figure Drawing
Intro to Observational Drawing
2D Design
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